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Related post: Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2005 04:08:42 -0800 (PST) From: nude pre-teen naturist photos Jack Santoro Subject: Reunion With Al, Part 2, Adult Friends, 2/2Reunion with Al, Part 2 By After our wild double orgasms the evening before, Al had invited me to spend the night with him. We'd been exhausted by our grunting, blasting, sperming, spewing orgasms, pre-teen models photos and it hadn't taken long for both of us to drop off to sleep. I awoke first. During the night, the free pre-teen porno pics sheet had slipped cambodian pre-teen sex pics off the bed and free photo of pre-teens now I saw Al on his back, his penis laying limply on his stomach, angled to the left. As we were both past 40, we didn't automatically have hard-ons in the morning, no matter how full our bladders might be, and I took advantage of the opportunity to inspect his magnificent cock. Limp, it was about the same size as mine, almost four inches long, and about an inch thick. It emerged from the patch of blond pubic hair, its skin pre-teen models portal flowing smoothly over the bulge of the glans to pre-teens galery free europe a loose pucker at the end where his foreskin did not quite close enough to hide his piss-hole. Al's foreskin was shorter and thinner than mine, and the outline of his perfect mushroom shaped head was clearly defined through the elastic sheath that covered and protected it. I was propped up on my elbow and both our crotches were within my field of view. My prick also lay limply and angled to my left, jutting from my brown pubic patch with its long foreskin proudly displayed. My foreskin was thicker than asian pre-teen girls sex Al's, yet showed the outline of my helmet-shaped head before tapering down to form a long nipple that extended an inch beyond the end of the glans. The pre-teen girls modeling underwear end was tightly closed, making it impossible to see what it concealed unless you stretched its opening. A big vein ran along the right side of my shaft to the base. My balls were tight against my body, unlike Al's low-hangers that sprawled between pre-teen free his thighs. Now I reached over and began tickling the hairs protruding from the wrinkled skin of his sac, and was not surprised when this produced an immediate reaction. Although Al was still asleep, his penis began lengthening and thickening as it filled with blood. As his prick distended, the purple mushroom head began emerging from the sheath of skin, and when he was fully hard the ring of skin concealed only the rim of his mushroom. The enticing odor of moist glans and foreskin filled the air, and I inhaled deeply. Al stirred and opened his eyes. He took in the scene and smiled. "Can't keep your hands horny pre-teen girls off me?" he asked. "No, I can't," I replied. "I really love your prick," I continued as I grasped his foreskin at the end and stretched it up over the swollen purple head as far as it would go, which was about half-way. "I love the smell too." "Well, your dick's sexy too," he said as he grasped the nipple of my foreskin between thumb and forefinger. He began to roll it between his fingers, as he knew that this turned me on quickly. My prick immediately began filling with blood, the outline of my glans becoming more sharply defined as it pre-teen nonude swelled. "You've got more skin than mine," he said young girls pre-teens xxx as the core of my prick filled the fleshy tube. "I like the way sweet pre-teen angels it still covers the head when you're hard. That extra skin gives a nice long stroke." "Your prick's a little bigger than mine. Your foreskin has more to cover. Mine's only a little more than six inches, and yours is almost seven. The head at the end of yours is a bit thicker than mine, too." "Yeah, Jack, my mushroom's a little thicker young non-nude pre-teen models than your helmet, but your japanese pre-teens thongs pictures rim's got that sexy flare. pre-teen sex pic I really like that." As he spoke I noticed that slippery tears began flowing from his cock-eye, and I used the forefinger of my other hand to spread the viscous liquid in small circles around his long slit. Al sucked in his breath at the sudden sharp sensation. "This really gets to you," I commented with satisfaction. "I bet I could make skinny pre-teen virgins you come if I kept it up." "You bet your ass," he answered. "My tip's as fucking sensitive as yours, and I've gotta pee. That makes it feel extra good." "Having a full bladder makes it hotter for me too," I said. "I come harder, maybe because my semen feels like it's burning when it shoots through my prick. I really like peeing after I come. That feels hot too and it flushes me out clean." "I like to do that too," he said. "The pee feels really good running through my cock after I've just shot a big load through it. Remember yesterday?" "Yeah, it felt good for me, too, mainly because we did it together," I said as Al's expert fingers began working my foreskin back in slow stages. "Now I know you like having your tight cock-skin pulled back nice pre-teen girls nn and slow when you're hard," he explained. "I know that stretches the nerve endings in it. I like to watch your hood riding over that big helmet too. The skin gets thinner as it stretches." As he spoke, his slit continued to pour out lubricant, which flowed all over the swollen head and began running down his shaft. "I love the way you lube a lot," I said. "That smells nice too." Now Al leaned in towards me to pre-teen thumb porn bring his nose closer to pre-teen raped my emerging glans. "I love the smell of your cock," he said. "It's a lot like mine, but just a little different, like two different brands of perfume." "The way you're stretching my foreskin's giving me some hot thrills," I commented as I swept my fingertip in wider circles around his leaking slit. Now Al had bared free pre-teen incest stories the blunt nose of my glans, and was studying the end carefully. "Your slit makes a teardrop when the head gets hard," he said. "I noticed that yesterday." "You leak so much lube that it spreads the lips of yours, and that looks really sexy." Al inhaled deeply as he drew my foreskin pre-teens hardcore back so that the fleshy ring was poised on non-nude sites links pre-teen my corona. I stopped working his foreskin and skinned him back completely so that I could use all my fingertips to caress his glans. "Oh, oh, oh!" Al exclaimed as the sharpness of the sensations filled his glans. "That feels so good. Oh, oh, oh!" "I know the way it feels," I said as I continued stroking the contours of his mushroom with my fingertips. pre-teen little girls fucked "This is really gonna make your head swell." "Oh, wow!" he said as he drew my foreskin all the way back to snap down into the deep groove behind my rim. "I like the way your ridge flares out," he continued. "I'm gonna make your tip feel just as good as mine does." As he stabilized my shaft with his left hand, he brought all five fingers of his right hand down to caress my swollen tip, running galleries of pre-teen girls them around the rim to make me moan russian pre-teen sexy in delight. "Your balls are gettin' tight," I observed. "This is really turning you on fast." His scrotum grew more wrinkled as his sac drew up against his body. "Now the head's gonna swell more and get harder when you get close." "Your tip pre-teenage hardcore gets harder too when you're ready to come. I can feel it in my fingertips. The head's kinda dry, though. Better let me pre-teens galleries lube it like I did yesterday." He got up to kneel in front of me as I let go of nude art pre-teen his hot hard prick. I stared, attracted and fascinated, at the big blunt mushroom tip that was pointing right at my face. "Now let's lube your cock," he said as he straddled my thighs and squatted on my knees. I sat up and he grasped my shaft, directing my shaft until our slits kissed. Al's slippery wetness made the contact very smooth, and I felt the warmth of his glans against mine. "Oh, your mushroom feels so warm," I sighed. "It's so slippery, pre-teen little girl pics the way you're moving it against mine." "Yours feels hot too," Al countered. "I'm gonna lube it a lot for you. Watch me spread my lube over it." He milked his urethra and we watched the crystal-clear fluid pour out to drop onto very young pre-teens pre-teenies my glans. Now he held our foreskins back tightly as he moved his thick mushroom in small circles around my helmet. I felt the cleft under his glans brush the broad upper surface of mine, and then he brought his tip down the right side of mine until it was under my prick-head. I felt his rim stroking the twin lobes on the underside of my helmet, caressing them gently to tease me and heighten my excitement. I wanted to grasp our pricks in both hands and crush them together, but I resisted the impulse and let Al go at his own pace. "That feels so good," I whispered pre-teen lollita nude as Al brought his big glans up the left side of mine, spreading pre-teen non nude models his slick lubricant all over the surface. Now he moved back yound pre-teens girls naked slightly and I moaned. "Our cocks are dancing cheek to cheek but now they're gonna be tip to tip," he said as he placed the blunt nose of his glans against the front of mine. Our piss-lips kissed again and pre-teen non-nude candid pics slid over each other. Now he pressed the front of his tip against pics of pre-teen cunt mine and I saw him milking his shaft again. "I'm gonna squirt some lube into your hole," he said as his fingers expertly forced the column of lubricant forward in his shaft. I felt the slight pressure was his juice flowed from his hole into mine. "I just love that," I whispered, entranced by his eagerness and ingenuity. Al sensed my feeling, for he replied: "I know. This is gonna sexy pre-teens models be better than last night." His fingers pulled my foreskin forward to cover the head fully. "Want me to keep doing what I was doing to your prick before?" I asked. "I hope it's not too intense for you." "It's pretty intense, but I think I can stand it," he replied as he lay down beside me. "It pre-teens models fashion magazine felt like I was gonna come any second." "That's what it pre-teen hentai felt like to me the first time my friend Stan did it to me," I explained. "It was really intense for me, and he had me writhing and moaning from the second he started rubbing my tip with his fingers because the ridges on his fingertips were a lot rougher than my foreskin. I couldn't control myself at all. My muscles were contracting every second, and I thought I was right on the edge. It took me maybe a minute to come, though." "Your friend Stan seems like a really smart fellow," Al said. "He uncut too?" "No, he was cut as a baby, pre-teen panty and always hated nude pre-teen webcam it. Stan always wanted a foreskin of his own. He spent several years in Europe, where almost nobody's cut, and got to be an expert at handling uncut pricks. Working on a prick pre-teen models gallery with foreskin really turns him on, and he gets as much pleasure from stroking and watching as I get from coming when he does me." "Too bad he was cut," Al sympathized. "Is he doing anything about it?" I knew what he meant. He was referring to foreskin restoration. "He's been stretching his skin for a couple of years. He's got a long shaft, and he isn't cut too tight. His head's a helmet type, like mine, but not as big, so he won't need as much pre-teen top list nude skin to get full coverage." As I explained this to Al, I stabilized his shaft so that it was upright, and slowly began stroking his bare glans with a fingertip. He shuddered slightly at the contact. "That's good and not too intense,' he said. "I'm gonna take it easy with you," I explained. "You're already tense from having to pee, and the pressure in your bladder won't let nasty pre-teen you relax as much as you could otherwise. I'll just use one finger for now, to incest pre-teens pictures get pre-teens young europe you used to the direct friction." I continued working my naked pre-teens finger around his glans, talking him through it as I went: "I know your mushroom's pretty sensitive around the slit, so I'll start art-nude pre-teen models there, working my finger in small circles." I heard Al sigh deeply, youngest pre-teen nudist but he didn't say anything. Now I swabbed the pad of my finger across the broad upper surface of his mushroom continuing to talk him through it: "You've got a lot of nerve endings on top, and I'm going slowly so you can feel very wrinkle and every ridge at the end of my finger as it rubs them. free adult pre-teen movies Just try to stay relaxed." I'd noticed Al's fists clenching as my fingertip had caressed the top of his glans. I moved the focus of my caresses to the corona and described it to him: "Feel my finger working around your rim? It doesn't flare like mine, but it's pretty erotic tissue. First I'll work right around the rim on top, down one side and then the other. Feel that? Now I'll concentrate on the back face of your rim." As my fingertip worked into the groove behind Al's corona, I saw the muscles of his legs tighten. I commented: "Your legs are tightening up. Try to pre-teen sluts relax, if you can. It'll last longer that way. Your orgasm will be more intense." Al%9 2s legs relaxed but not much as I moved my fingertip down to the cleft under his glans. "This is your main hot spot," I said as I gently stroked his frenulum. "Your gee-string and the groove it rides in are really sensitive. I could make you come just by stroking right here." "You bet you could," Al replied. "In fact, you keep it up, and you'll have my load." Now I noticed his scrotum pre-teen cp xxx angels had tightened even more. He was more than half-way to unloading. "Now just try to stay relaxed. I'm gonna do a little more," I warned him. This time I used all five fingers, sliding along the surfaces of his lubricated mushroom head while his long slit disgorged even illegal pre-teen sex pics more warm lubricant to keep the surface wet and slippery. "Ah! HAH! HAH! HAH!" Al began gasping loudly as soon as I'd begun stimulating him with all five fingers. I knew he wouldn't be able to speak again until after he'd come. I knew he could hear me, though, and I began to explain exactly what I was doing and why: "I'm using all five fingers to give you the maximum sensations. Don't worry about it being too intense and making you come in two seconds. It won't happen that way." As my fingers swept around his glans, I continued: "Stan taught me to keep my fingertips moving. If I just worked in one spot, say around your rim, the nerve endings would get tired, and pre-teen angel models you wouldn't feel as stimulated. By moving around, my fingers hit new nerve pre-teen freepic endings every second and that keep the sensations fresh naked pre-teen pics for you." Al's body was becoming more tense and his stomach muscles tightened. "I can see your mushroom getting' darker now. You're really hot." I continued to massage his swollen tip, working around the rim, and then returning by stimulating the tender flesh in the deep groove behind it. Now I returned to the front of his glans. "I can feel the head getting' harder now. It's not spongy anymore." At this point Al's legs began trembling, in time pre-teen bbs board with lesbian pre-teen his loud cries: "AH!-AH!-AH!-AH!" For a moment I swept my palm across the well lubricated dome of his mushroom. This produced pre-teen nymphette an free pre-teen cartoon pics immediate reaction: "Your eyes just closed. You're almost there, Just try to relax." I swept my fingertips around the circumference of the bulky pre-teens girls nude mushroom, touching fresh nerve endings every second and keeping the stimulation fresh and hot. "You're right on the edge now. When you let go you're gonna have a really hot blasting orgasm." sexy pre-teen photos My fingertips danced over his sensitive glans, driving him to the brink. HAAAAAAHHHHH!" he cried as his prick pulsed in my encircling fingers. I felt the hard throb in his glans as the first torrent of hot white cream shot in a thick rope into the air. "HAAAHHHHHH!" he cried again, entranced by the joyful agony as his glans throbbed again and another eruption arced from his long slit. His hips bucked and he sent another ejaculation towards the ceiling to fall back onto his stomach. His straining mushroom was dark purple, hard and slippery, as I continued to stories pre-teen caress its sensitive nerve endings. Al cried out loudly and helplessly in the sweet agony of orgasm as he sent another hot stream flying, the heavy cream falling back pre-teen flowers onto my fingers. I tightened my grip on his glans and gave it a hard twist, my fingertips sliding over the taut surface, whipping his nerve endings into a frenzy, and he shot again. His cries became shrill, signaling that his tortured tip was free sexy pre-teen photos becoming super-sensitive, and I stopped my fingertip touches. Instead I yanked down hard on his already taut foreskin, straining its nerve endings and those of his gee-string, the tension making his big mushroom dip down slightly as it shot ls-magazine pre-teens another load. Another heavy stream parted the lips of Al's long slit, but not as forcefully, and the cream just dribbled down the contours of his big mushroom onto his shaft and my tight encircling fingers. His cries subsided to moans as his orgasm lost its force, and he began to relax. His eyes were still closed as more cream dribbled pre-teen girls getting fucked from his cock-eye, oozing slowly and meandering down his glans and shaft. "Man, you really drained yourself," I said, not sure that he understood me through the stupefying fog of orgasm. I felt the hardness of his shaft lessen as he sank into the daze of his afterglow. I knew that I had to hold him for another minute or so, pre-teen naturists in order to pre-teen cum keep his sensitive glans from touching anything, until it had lost enough sensitivity to allow me to pull the protective hood up over pre-teen cunt getting fucked it. As his scrotum began to loosen, I judged his excessive sensitivity had dropped enough to let me re-cover his glans, underage pre-teen porno and as I slid the fleshy sheath up over russian pre-teen hardcore incest his shrinking mushroom his eyes opened. "I still have to pee," he said. "I don't know if I can until my hard-on goes all the way down." "Let's get you into the bathroom," I said, helping him rise and walking him into the shower. I turned on the water, and turned him to face me so that the hot water ran down between us. By now he was fully roused from his daze and he remarked: "Your cock's still hard." I reached down to retract his foreskin as he spoke, and replied: "Doing you and watching you drain yourself was so exciting I would have creamed myself if you'd still been holding me." "That hot water's doing it for me," he said as the spray sluiced down over his naked glans and I saw a yellow dribble come out of the front. It quickly became a stream, and he let out a sigh of satisfaction as he drained and flushed himself. We stood silently as he gushed what seemed to be a gallon from the end of his prick, and when he'd finished he milked his shaft and free pre-teen models nude pushed his foreskin down to cover the head. "You must feel a lot better," I remarked. "I do, but pre-teen images how about you?" he asked as his gentle fingers closed around my hard shaft, reviving the urge I'd felt in the bedroom. "Man, I'm so hot you'll pre-teens very young naked make me unload in just a few seconds. Watching and feeling your pre-teen sex pics archives come does that to me." As I lo cp nudist pre-teen answered him I felt him jiggling my foreskin back and forth along my swollen glans. "Here, unload in the shower," he urged lovingly. "I'll take care of you." His fingers increased their pace and I felt my tight foreskin sliding along the contours of my glans. "It won't take long," I murmured as my body responded to his expert pre-teen brazil nude touch. "I know it won't. Just try to relax, though. I want you nice and loose when you start to unload." "I'm trying," I murmured. "It's pre-teen sex video so intense, though." My stomach muscles tightened. "Now xxx pre-teen russian nudes just relax and let it happen, Jack. I'll be here for you." "Ohhhhh," I moaned as I felt the sensations build to a crescendo. "I can feel your shaft's harder now," He said. My legs began trembling and I stood on tip-toe, responding automatically to the intense stimulation. "Any second..." He said as I felt his other arm slip around my waist. My eyes closed. "Your cock's really hot now," he said as he stroked my foreskin in long cycles, producing friction in the glans and stretching the skin's nerve endings. My world narrowed down to just my engorged prick and Al's strong encircling fingers giving me delightful sensations. A bright red flash in front of my eyes signaled the point black pre-teen nude pics of crisis, and pre-teen model ukraine I felt myself tumbling into the free-fall of orgasm. A hard contraction in my cock-root made my entire body shudder, and when I felt the heat of the boiling lava that began burning its way up my shaft my knees buckled. Al's strong arm supported my weight as I felt the first torrent slam through hot pre-teen sexy pictures the free porn pre-teen models lips of my boy art pre-teen naked slit. I was helpless in his hands as another thick load poured into my tube and raced towards the end of my prick. I cried out in blissful agony as the pre-teen new gallery ls liquid fire seared my urethra and erupted from my straining glans. Al kept me from falling as the mind-numbing spasms paralyzed me, and my entire body shuddered as it unloaded torrents of cream. The spasms became less intense and the pressure pre-teen boys nude pics of my jets pre-teen girl models nude diminished as my orgasm ran its course. Now I was clinging to pre-teens nude ru Al's shoulders helplessly as I felt the residual pulses deep inside me, and the slight tickling sensation in my urethra as the last drops oozed out. "You really let go," he murmured in my ear. I was now able to stand unaided and when I opened my eyes I saw Al looking at me tenderly. "Oh, that was beautiful," I said. "Thanks, Al." "Did you feel it when I skinned you back because your helmet was gettin' too sensitive? I nodded "no," and he continued: "Yeah, after your third load I thought pre-teen virgin boys you'd be too sensitive, and I just stripped you right back. It was really nice watchin' that big purple helmet shootin'." Your big tip looked so russian pre-teen nude models beautiful." "No, I was just in limbo," I said. "I didn't know where I was, just that everything felt so good." "I kept your cock-skin back tight, and near the end I flicked your rim a couple of times with pre-teenz my thumb, just to give you extra sensations. Your cock shot right across the shower stall. You can still see your come juice dribbling down collection pre-teen images the wall." "I was so helpless," I moaned. "I know. You started to collapse on me. I know that coming does that to some guys, and that's why I had my other arm around your waist. I held you up while you busted your nut." I slipped my arm pre-teen fuck trailers around Al's waist. "That was so nice of you," I said. My voice stronger now. "I loved doing it, pre-teen teenies Jack. I just loved feeling your body against mine, your shaft throbbing pre-teen video xxx in my fist, watching and feeling you come. There's noting like it in the world." "Yeah, two hot guys making each other come," I murmured as I nuzzled his neck and held pre-teen tight him tightly to me. "We bonded this morning," he said. "We really bonded." pre-teen model pictures I let go of him as I felt the fullness of my bladder sending urgent messages to my brain. My prick was still bare-headed, the foreskin locked behind the rim in a thick fleshy collar, and the hot water stimulated me to relax my sphincter. We watched as my stream began, increasing in flow as my sphincter relaxed fully, until I was drained. "That flushed me out," I said. "Just like it did me." Al hugged me to him. "Bonded two guys bonded," I murmured in his ear as I hugged him back.End of Part 2.
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